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About Leamington

In 2003 Dr Pete Waterman OBE decided to create what is probably now the largest mainline O gauge model railway in the UK. Originally planned to be modelled in Gauge 1 this soon became unrealistic as the space required would have been vast, so O gauge it is then and work started to convert a barn to include a new mezzanine that was to accommodate the layout. Fifteen years on from that date and there is still much modelling taking place and who knows, maybe it'll never be fully completed.

The subject matter for this labour of love is his childhood spotting location of choice....Leamington Spa. Aside from spotting there as a child Leamington is the almost perfect location as it was / is a cross country station with both LMS as well as GWR stations, but as well as this there were many opportunities to see many loco's from other regions (Southern and Scottish) for example. The period being modelled depicts the late fifties very early 1960's

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